Tips and Guidelines for SEFCU Business Bulk Deposits

Deposits may be dropped off at any branch for processing. For “same-day” processing, deposits must be received by 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and by noon on Saturday. Deposits received after these times will be posted the next business day, as will deposits made on Sunday.

In order to process your deposit quickly and accurately, please follow the guidelines below:


  • Separate SEFCU checks from those from other financial institutions
  • Make sure that all checks are facing the same direction
  • Use the check’s written amount as the amount you record on the deposit slip
  • Be sure that all checks are signed, dated, and endorsed
  • Remove all staples and paper clips from individual checks
  • Complete the entire deposit slip
  • Use a rubber band or paper clip to hold each deposit together


  • Organize cash by denomination with all bills face-up and facing the same direction
  • Double check your cash count
  • Complete a separate deposit slip or add the cash to the deposit slip used for checks

Additional Tips:

  • Use a disposable deposit bag for your deposits
  • Deliver your deposit bag to a SEFCU employee inside a branch. Using drop boxes or ATMs will delay processing of your deposit.

Please note: If there is a discrepancy in the deposit amount, an adjustment will be made to your account, either the same day or within a week. A receipt for the adjustment will be mailed to you.


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