Tips to detect and avoid vacation rental scammers


Security Tips

As the demand for vacation rentals rises, there is also an increase in vacation rental scams. Follow the tips below to help detect and avoid vacation rental scammers.

•    Beware of listings that have spelling mistakes or poor punctuation.
•    Use Google Maps with street view to verify the property exists and is the same being offered for rent.
•    Check reviews for the lessor to make sure the majority of renters have had positive experiences.
•    Make sure the property information listed matches what you can see on Google Maps.
•    Never pay by wire transfer, Western Union, or other similar methods.
•    Don’t feel pressured to rush into a decision.
•    Beware of super cheap rates. These could be an indicator of fraud.
•    Be cautious of a property owner who does not know the local area.
•    Rent a known property, if possible.
•    Never give out financial information.
•    Ask a lot of questions.

Above all else, to avoid a becoming a victim, use your best judgment. If something doesn’t feel right, it might not be. For more tips on how to keep your private information secure, click below.

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