Business Banking Fee Schedule



Item Fee
OD (overdraft) protection transfer fee $1.00

Business Checking

Item Fee
Transaction Fee *175 free per month
$.25 each thereafter
Check orders, checkbook covers, and accessories Pricing varies depending on style and quantity selected.
Ask to find out pricing for our complete product line.
Check Protest Fee $15
Copy of Cancelled Check $2
Returned Checks – Insufficient Funds Charge1 $28
Paid checks – Insufficient Funds Charge $28
Stop Payment on Counter, Personal, or Teller Check (official) $10

Business Debt Card

Item Fee
Deposit Correction $7.50
ATM Inquiry Fee  $0
ATM Foreign Transaction Fee $0/withdrawal
Stewart’s Shops ATM Surcharges2 $1
POS/Debit Card Insufficient Funds Charge $28
ATM withdrawal – Insufficient Funds Charge $28
Replacement Card $5
Rush Replacement card3 $25
Currency Conversion Fee Non-U.S. Funds 1% of transaction



Item Fee
Bill Pay NSF $28
Bill Pay Stop Payment $20


Item Fee
Account Closed Within 0-3 months   $15
Account Research/Reconciliation (per hour) $15
ACH Credit Returned Payment Fee $28
ACH debit items – Insufficient Funds Charge1 External Withdrawal (Returned) $28
ACH debit items – Insufficient Funds Charge External Withdrawal (Paid) $28
ACH Stop Payment on Electronic Debit $10
Canadian Items4 $10
Canadian returned Item4 $15
Copy of Official Check or Money Order   $5
Escheatment   $25
Foreign Collection Item4 $20
Funds transfer5 - Standard Outbound $3
Funds transfer5 - Next Day Outbound $4
Funds transfer5 - Instant Outbound $5
Inactivity fee (applies after 12 months of inactivity and aggregate account balance of $100 or less) $3/month
Interim Account Histories   $2
IRA Close Plan Fee $15
IRA Transfer Fee $15
Loan documents $10
Mastercard® Gift Card6 $3.95
Money Orders (maximum value $1,000)   $2
Restraining Notices/Levies(legal) $50
Rush Replacement Credit Card3 $20
Safe deposit box annual fees (Patroon Creek, Wilton, SEFCU Square, and Midler only)              5x5 and 10x10 $50-$120
Second Lien Release for Auto/RV $10
Statement Copy   $2
Wire Transfers (Domestic Outgoing) $22.50
Wire Transfers (Domestic Incoming) $0
Wire Transfers (International Outgoing) $35
Wire Transfers (International Incoming) $10


Cash Management (Commercial Online Banking)

Fees furnished upon request. Please contact your Business Banking Officer.


iTeller for Business (Remote Deposit Capture)


Please see your Business Benefits Guide for additional information about when fees may be charged and for all other Terms and Conditions governing your accounts.