Coverdell Education Share Certificate



Tax-free dividends for education

Help your favorite student save for tuition, books, and educational supplies with a SEFCU Coverdell Education Share Certificate.*



Grow Savings for School!

Earnings are tax-free

Features & Benefits

Helps grow their education fund

  • Opened and held by an adult for a child
  • Contribute up to $2.000 a year
  • Earnings are tax-free when you use them for beneficiary’s qualified education expenses
  • If you need to withdraw your contributions (even if it’s not for education), you don’t pay taxes or penalties
  • Funds need to be distributed before the recipient turns 30
  • Transferrable to another family member younger than 30
graduation cap



Fixed Rates

Term Dividend Rate Annual Percentage Yield**
6 months 2.95% 3.00%
12 months 3.19% 3.25%
18 months 3.19% 3.25%
24 months 3.19% 3.25%
36 months 3.44% 3.50%
48 months 3.44% 3.50%
60 months 3.44% 3.50%
24-month add-on 3.19% 3.25%


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Coverdell Education Share Certificate

  • Open with $500
  • Six to 60-month term
  • Custodial account
  • Dividends are tax-free when used for qualified educational expenses


Smart Sense Share Certificate

  • Open with $100; can add to it over the term
  • 18-, 24-, and 36-month terms
  • Account is in child’s name

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Coverdell Education Share Certificate

Build up a college fund over time

Save up to $2,000 a year

Contributions can be withdrawn anytime (tax - and penalty-free)

Earnings can be withdrawn tax-free for education


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Give Them a Head Start on Saving

Account that transfers to child at age 18 or 21

No fees

* Note: Minimum to open and obtain APY for all Share Certificates is $500. Fees may reduce earnings. For Share Certificates, penalties may apply for early withdrawal.
** Annual Percentage Yield. APY is accurate as of today – March 31, 2023. Fees may reduce earnings. For Share Certificates, penalties may apply for early withdrawal.