Fee Schedule



Item Fee
OD (overdraft) Protection Transfer Fee $1.00



Item Fee
Check Protest Fee $15
Copy of Canceled Check $2
Returned Checks - Insufficient Funds Charge1 $28
Paid checks – Insufficient Funds Charge $28
Stop payment on Counter, Personal, or Teller Check (official) $10


Debit Cards

Item Fee
Deposit Correction $7.50
ATM Balance Inquiry Fee $0
ATM Foreign Transaction fee $0/withdrawal
Stewart’s Shops ATM Surcharges2 $1
POS/Debit Card Insufficient Funds Charge $28
ATM Withdrawal – Insufficient Funds Charge $28
Replacement Card $5
Rush Replacement Card3 $25
Currency Conversion Fee Non U.S. Funds 1% of transaction



Item Fee
Bill Pay NSF $28
Bill Pay Stop Payment $20



Item Fee
Account Closed Within 0-3 months $15
Account Research/Reconciliation (per hour) $15
ACH Credit Returned Payment fee $28
ACH Debit Items – Insufficient Funds Charge1 External Withdrawal (Returned) $28
ACH Debit Items – Insufficient Funds Charge External Withdrawal (Paid) $28
ACH Stop Payment on Electronic Debit $10
Canadian Items5 $10
Canadian Returned Items4 $15
Copy of Official Check or Money Order $5
Escheatment $25
Foreign Collection Item4 $20
Funds Transfer5 - Standard Outbound $3
Funds Transfer5 - Next Day Outbound $4
Funds Transfer5 - Instant Outbound $5
Inactivity Fee (Applies after 12 months of inactivity and aggregate account balance of $100 or less)


Interim Account Histories $2
IRA Close Plan Fee $15
IRA Transfer Fee $15
Loan Documents $10
Mastercard® Gift Cards6 $3.95
Money Orders (Maximum Value $1,000) $2
Restraining Notices/Levies (Legal) $50
Rush Replacement Credit Card3 $20
Safe Deposit Box Annual Fees (Patroon Creek, SEFCU Square, Wilton, and Midler only)           5x5 – 10x10


Second Lien Release for Auto/RV $10
Statement Copy $2
Wire Transfers (Domestic Outgoing) $22.50
Wire Transfers (Domestic Incoming) $0
Wire Transfers (International Outgoing) $35
Wire Transfers (International Incoming) $10

1Items returned unpaid (e.g., checks, ACH, bill payments) that are re-presented again for payment will be charged additional insufficient funds fees if available funds in your account are still insufficient when re-presented.
2SEFCU to reimburse the difference between the ATM surcharge fee and $1.
3Fee for delivery within United States. Fee for delivery outside of the United States will be the actual cost for expedited shipping.
4Other processing fees from out-of-U.S. institutions may apply.
5Funds transfers are initiated by you, not a third party.
6Other Mastercard fees may apply.