How to Protect Yourself Online

You lock the front door to prevent a home robbery, but are you safe from online thieves? Get the information you need to protect yourself when on the Web.

Nowadays we rely on computers for many aspects of our lives. The Internet provides convenient access to shopping, social networking, financial accounts, and much more. Knowing how the personal information you enter is being used and where it is being stored can aid in building awareness to the risks you may be exposed to.

Safe Computer Use 
Every time you connect to a network, you put your computer or mobile device at risk. By taking the necessary security precautions, you can help reduce the chances of online fraud.
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Types of Online Fraud
Learn about the most popular types of online fraud and how to protect yourself.
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Safeguard Your Mobile Device 
Protecting your mobile device is just as important as protecting your computer.
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Account Monitoring 
Discover the benefits and take advantage of the many services SEFCU offers to keep your account safe.
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Defend Your Computer Against Spyware 
Your best offense is a good defense. Learn the signs that your computer may be infected with spyware and how to secure it.
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