HSA Share Certificate

Health Savings Account Share Certificate


Higher earnings for healthcare expenses down the road

If you don’t need to access your HSA funds right away and would rather earn higher dividends, consider opening an HSA Share Certificate. Terms range from 6 - 24 months and upon maturity can be rolled over into a new certificate or deposited into an HSA Checking account. Funds can then be used to pay for qualified medical expenses.

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Features & Benefits

Make health care more affordable

  • Terms range from 6 - 24 months
  • Higher dividends than traditional savings accounts
  • No-risk investment; your return is guaranteed
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HSA Share Certificate

Term Dividend Rate Annual Percentage Yield*
6 Months 2.460% 2.500%
12 Months 2.710% 2.750%
18 Months 3.190% 3.250%
24 Months 3.190% 3.250%
36 Months 3.440% 3.500%

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HSA Share Certificate

Earn higher dividends

Pay for medical expenses

6 - 24 Month terms


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More to think about...

* Annual Percentage Yield. APY is accurate as of today - February 2, 2023. Fees may reduce earnings and penalties may apply for early withdrawal. Note: Minimum to open and obtain APY for these Share Certificates, is $500.00.