Beware of Callers Saying Your SSN is Suspended

From time to time you probably receive phone calls from someone you don’t know, but what happens if the caller tells you your Social Security Number (SSN) has been suspended and asks you to provide confidential information to reactivate it? The Federal Trade Commission has received reports about scammers trying to trick people into providing their confidential information by calling and saying their Social Security Number has been suspended. The problem? Social Security Numbers don’t get suspended. 

The scammers say the SSN was suspended because it was connected to fraud or other criminal activity and tell the victim he/she needs to call a number where the victim can provide confidential information to reactivate the number. If you call, you’ll be asked to provide your SSN, bank account number, and other personal information. 

Tips to protect yourself: 
•    Never provide personal information over the phone, via email, or on a website until you confirm who is asking for it.
•    Don’t trust a name, phone number, or email address just because it looks like it is coming from a credible source (the IRS, your financial institution, etc.).
•    Contact government agencies, and others asking for your confidential information using a number you know to be legitimate.

To learn more about how you can protect yourself visit SEFCU’s Security section.