Card Management


Easily manage your cards on the go with Card Management. You decide when, how, and where your SEFCU Mastercard® Debit and/or Credit Card is used! Set transaction restrictions, alerts, and turn your card on and off, all in real-time using SEFCU’s Mobile app. 

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Features & Benefits

Peace of Mind

  • Can’t find your card? Turn your debit or credit card off while you look and turn it back on when you find it.
  • Get details of debit and/or credit card transactions in real-time.

Money Management

  • Set spending limits to help keep your spending in check.

Customize Your Card Preferences

  • Block international transactions.
  • Set permissions for the types of purchases you want to allow.
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Start Now

To get started, log into online banking or the Mobile app and select “Card Management” from the “Account Tools” menu (click “More” to show menus on the Mobile app).



What is Card Management? 
Card Management is a security feature that allows you to turn your SEFCU Mastercard debit and/or credit card on and off, set alerts, and/or block specified debit card transactions. 

How does Card Management work? 
Using SEFCU’s Mobile app, you decide what type of transactions you’d like to allow on your SEFCU debit and/or credit card. You can set dollar limits, geographic restrictions, payment types, and more to ensure that your card is used exactly the way you intended it to be.

How can I receive alerts?
Alerts can be sent via text message and/or email.

How quickly does the on/off status or other restriction(s) take effect?
Transaction restrictions and alerts are active immediately once set. When you turn your card off, the change is instant, and all transactions will be declined until you turn the card on again. This is especially helpful in cases where your card was lost but then you find it later. 

Who is eligible for Card Management? 
Most members with a SEFCU debit and/or credit card and active login for SEFCU’s Mobile app are eligible to use Card Management. (Special accounts, including organizations and businesses are not currently able to register in Card Management.)

Why should I use Card Management? 
Card Management puts the power back in your hands and lets you manage your debit and/or credit card based on your comfort level. You can customize what will trigger alerts or decline transactions based on your unique spending patterns and because it is customized to you, there is an additional layer of security protecting your card from unauthorized activity. 

How can I register for and/or setup Card Management? 
Log into online banking or the Mobile app and select “Card Management” from the “Account Tools” menu (click “More” to show menus on the Mobile app). Read and accept the Terms and Conditions to activate the feature. Once activated, you can customize transaction limits, block specific types of transactions, and set alerts for others, and turn cards off and on. 

Can I utilize Card Management on more than one SEFCU debit and/or credit card?
Yes! From the main Card Management screen, select the SEFCU debit and/or credit card from the list that you’d like set up to manage. 

If I turn my SEFCU debit and/or credit card off using Card Management, will my recurring transactions be blocked?
No. Any automatic, recurring debit and/or credit card transactions - such as gym memberships, subscriptions, and bill payments - will continue to be processed even when your card is turned off. 

What happens when a transaction is blocked/declined due to Card Management? 
You will be notified immediately via text message and/or email that a transaction was attempted and declined due to the account restrictions you set. You have the ability to modify settings to permit approval if it is a legitimate transaction. 

How much does it cost to use this service? 
While Card Management is free, standard text message and data rates assessed by your mobile carrier may apply if you opt to receive alerts via text.  

Can I receive text alerts while traveling outside of the U.S.? 
No, but if you’ve added your email address to your profile, you will still receive alerts via email.

Is this service secure? 
Yes.  Our first priority is to protect your personal information.  If you ever receive a text message asking for your member/account number(s) or other personal information, please do not respond.


Use and Troubleshooting

How do I turn my card off/on?
From the main screen in Card Management, choose your card and tap on the toggle switch to turn the card on or off.  

How do I add/modify alerts and transaction restrictions?
Tap “Set Declines and Alerts,” specify the types of alerts you wish to get, and then customize alerts/restrictions by merchant type, transaction type, location type, and/or spend limits.

Where do I specify how I want to receive alerts?
To set your preferences, log into online banking or the Mobile app and select “Card Management” from the “Account Tools” menu (click “More” to show menus on the Mobile app). Choose your card and select “Alerts and Controls” (click the gear icon when using online banking). Select “Manage Card Alerts” (click the pencil icon when using online banking). Turn alerts on and off by selecting the toggle switch to the right of each selection.    

Can I notify SEFCU of travel plans through Card Management?
No. To notify SEFCU of your travel plans please visit a SEFCU branch or call the Member Solutions Center at 800-727-3328 to notify us of your travel plans.

Can I report my card lost/stolen through Card Management?
No. While you can turn your card off, please contact us immediately at 800-727-3328 once you are sure your card is lost or stolen so we can assist in replacing your card and review your account for unauthorized activity. 

Can I use Card Management to stop recurring payments?
No. You will need to contact the merchant initiating the transaction to cancel recurring payments.

Why am I not getting any alerts?
Please ensure that your phone is able to receive third-party text messages. If these are blocked, you may need to contact your mobile phone carrier to have this removed if you wish to receive these text messages. Other reasons could include delays related to service area interruptions, or a merchant that is not processing transactions in real-time.

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